How to improve your “English Conversation Skills”?

Do you like to meet new people? Do you like to talk, are you shy? Whatever your answers, this guide can help you improve your conversation skills.

1.   Have some topics ready to start a conversation

Say something about the weather or the place you’re in. Talk about the weekend – we all have something to say about weekends.

2.  Make the conversation interesting

Know about events in the news. Read restaurant and movie reviews. Find out about the current music scene or what’s new fashion or sport

3.   Be a good listener

Keep aye contact and say “Yes”, “Hmm”, “Uh-huh”, “Right”, and “I know”. And say, “Really? That’s interesting.” It encourage people to talk.

4.   Don’t be boring

Don’t just say, “Yes” or “No” when you answer a question. Give some interesting information, too.

5.   Don’t talk all the time

Ask, “How about you?” and show you are interested in the other person, too. People love to talk about themselves!

6.   Ask information questions

Ask questions like ‘What do you do in your free time?” or “What kind of food do you like?” Use follow-up questions to keep the conversation going. But don’t ask too many questions – It’s not an interrogation

7.  Be positive

Negative comment such sound rude. And if you don’t want to answer a personal question, simply say. “Oh, I’m not sure I can answer that,” or “I’d rather not say”.

8.   Smile

Everyone loves a smile. Just be relaxed, smile, and be your self.

by Michael McCarthy in student’s book “Touchstone – Cambridge University Press.”

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