Strategy to Bottom Line Value Chain

What does it take to control IT cost and produce higher bottom line impact? Simply, we need effective planning process, appropriate resource decisions, and workable budgets and plans. We need them to work together consistently.

The pracicel problem is that most companies carry out planning, prioritization/resource decisions, budgets, performance measurements, and so forth, in silos and stovepipes. We mean this in two way. First, in management process terms, business planning, IT planning, budgets, prioritization, and performance measurements are poorly connected. Second, many companies are organized in siloes and stovepipes, and the various management activities that don’t take an enterprise prespective nor do they coordinate across the barriers between them. The business are disconnected. Certainly, planning, prioritazation, budgeting, and so forth have to connect across these silos to be effective.

~Define the Goals in “From Business Strategy to IT Action”  books.


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