Marketing with Meaning

When your marketing is meaningful, people choose to engage with you in exchange that they perceive as valuable. But engagement is just the beginning. Whatever your product or services, when your marketing is meaningful, the marketing itself adds value to people’s lives, whatever or not they immediately but what you’re selling. Believe it or not that in the worlds in which consumers can actively avoid marketing, the only way to win is to create marketing that they actively choose to engage with. Marketing with meaning is the next logical step in an evolutionary process. If direct marketing was about approaching strangers individually, and permission marketing was about turning strangers into friends and friends into customers, marketing with meaning is about improving customer’s live through the marketing itself. On the table bellow, I’m going to presents 3 differences types of marketing from traditional era until future era.

Direct marketing Permission marketing

Marketing with meaning

Approach the consumers directly, using targeted information. Seek consumer approval and input prior to the approach. Create marketing that invites consumers participation.
“Advertising arrives at my home, whether I like it or not.” “I can choose whether or not to receive relevant advertsing” “The marketing itself improves my life, so I will both notice you and give you my business.”
“Tell and sell monologue” “Give and take dialogue” “Value added benefit”
Interruption Authorization Service
Focus on medium Focus on message Focus on meaning.

What marketing with meaning do for you and your business? Marketing meaning is the antidote to opting out, it adds value to people’s live independent of purchase. It’s marketing that is often more meaningful than the product it aims to sell. Customers will be willing to pay for your stuff, the more of an investment they’ll make it emotionally, and more motivated they’ll become to spread the world. This means that you’ll be improving their lives, your bottom line, and the world at large. “Meaning” translate to personal value. Probably we have to define specific a unique target market. The true marketing with meaning has 2 consistent traits :

  1. It’s marketing that people choose to engage with
  2. It’s marketing that itself improves people lives.

If we can do something to benefit our consumers and serve the needs of athletes to perform better, they will return to our brand. (Stevan Older, Global Director for Brand Connections, Nike).


– From “The Next evolution of Marketing” book by Bob Gilbreath. –


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