Great Product by Design

I do not believe inspiring product happens by accident. In every case, behind every successful, inspiring product….there are certain truths. Here are 10 such truths that try to keep in mind on every product effort :

  1. The job of the product manager is to discover a product that is valuable, usable, and feasible.
  2. Product discovery is a collaboration between the product manager, interaction designer, and software architect.
  3. Engineering is important and difficult, but user experience design is even more important, and usually more difficult.
  4. Engineers are typically very poor at user experience design, engineers think in therm of implementation model, but user think in term of conceptual models.
  5. User experience design means both interaction design and visual design (and for hardware-based devices, industrial design).
  6. Functionality (product requirement) and user experience design are inherently intertwined.
  7. Product ideas must be tested – early and often – on actual target users in order to come up with a product that is valuable and usable.
  8. We need a high-fidelity prototype so we can quickly, easily, and frequently test our ideas on real users using a realistic user experience.
  9. The job of product manager is to identify the minimal possible product that meets the objective-valuable, usable and feasible – minimizing time to market and user complexity.
  10. Once this minimal successful product has been discovered and validated, it is not something that can be piecemeal and expect the same results.

I Got 10 truths from “Inspired – How to Create Products Customers Love” by Marty Cagan. He is founding partner of the Silicon Valley Product Group, where he helps companies create winning products strategies & develop the skills of their product organization as well as the techniques they use to create successful products. He is senior vice-president of product management and design for eBay. Prior to that, Marty was vice-president of product at AOL and Netscape Communication, and a software engineer at HP Labs.


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