Uncommon People

Hiiii…let me tell you about something interesting in my a few last weeks. Actually, I met a few people that are really inspiring person. I was exited because in the same time that my mood, my motivation, and also my self-esteem were under the line (I mean not in a good level). I felt charging after I came the meet up event. The event had taken at @America – Pacific Place, fx, and the other is in Four Seasons Hotel. I paid attention in what they were saying, particularly about how they face challenges, pursue their dream, and be brave when struggling with their problems of life, etc. So who are they?


  • A person who graduated from Univ. of Wisconsin Madison in bachelor degree of Computer Science and after that, he continued to Standford University for pursuing master degree also in Computer Science but focus in Database. After graduated and got master, He joined in Mc Kinsey as business consulting about 5years. Now, he is a managing director and also founder of Z*lora Indonesia. He is nice person because I’m feeling great when we were discussing in the end of the session, I approached him and asked a lot of questions.
  • A person who graduated from Wharton – University of Pennsylvania, he got MBA in finance. Now, he has a own company in Indonesia. Actually I forgot what his company’s name.
  • A person who graduated from University of Indonesia in Bachelor of Law and then continued Master degree in University of New York.
  • A person who graduated from University of Indonesia in Bachelor of Law and then continued Master Degree of Law in Harvard University. Now, he is a lecture in Univ. of Indonesia
  • H*snul Suhaimi CEO of PT Exelcomindo Pratama Tbk, also well known as XL.
  • Iw*n Setyawan, a low profile person with a sincere heart and good intellectual. Before he went back to Indonesia, he is a director of a division in Nielsen Company in the New York City. As you should know, when he was a little kid, his dream was become a security because he came from a miserable family. He graduated from Bachelor of Statistics in IPB.
  • Jokowi, Governor in DKI Jakarta. He gave a speech about becoming a leader who always serves the society. I’m proud of him. He told in front of Mr. An*s B*swedan, M*rtha T*laar, Kak Set*, Y*hanes Surya, S*egeng S., etc. I felt very lucky, because I got a special card for the invitation. My friend who gave me an invitation is a committee event (public relations).
  • Vice president Digital Agency of Marketing and coalition with Google’s Partner in Singapore . They are from Japan, but have been staying in Indonesia for 2 months. We were exchanging personal card each other. They offered a product to increase of brand awareness on the internet (not only in desktop but also mobile apps). We were having fun chat when a grand launching event : (affiliate marketing system by Interspace Inc. from Japan).

Thanks sir…You make my day which is full of positive spirit, cemungudh 🙂


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