Ok, I’m not working at Google, but let me share something good insight. For the 1st time Google was founded, they call them as a startup company in 1998. Now, Google is an example of innovation company whose Sergey Brin & Larry Page as Google Founder. Innovation is not just about science (piece of knowledge). Innovation is not about invention. Innovation is a great and useful idea that will be used in society (marketplace) & embrace uncertainty. Learning only occurs when we step away from the familiar & accept the uncertainty that new experience. Innovation means out of the box and moving into uncertainty. As we know, for example feature Google Search which is simple design but powerful, feasible, reliable, and useful. Have you ever imagine, how many people access information via browser by using Google Search feature per second?

Here are some notions of innovation from Google that we can learn :

  1. Innovation; not instant perfection.
  2. Share everything you can.
  3. You’re brilliant, we are hiring.
  4. A license to pursue dreams.
  5. Ideas comes from everywhere.
  6. Don’t politic – use data.
  7. Creativity loves restraint.
  8. Worry about usage and users, not money.
  9. Don’t kill projects – morphs them.

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