Skills & Attributes of Today’s Learner

To face in global competition, it’s better if everyone has character and skill which is competitive. Skill’s easy to be learned and trained, but the human character was fostered and ingrained since childhood. We are human should always learn new things and also learn from mistakes. It’s up to you, to learn more specific or generalist. These are some skils and attribute of today’s learner.

skills1. Effective oral & written communication

Try to explain something in the simple way and easy to understand. If you cann’t explain in the easiest way, then you don’t realy understand about what would you say.

2. Collaboration across network

Be able working as a team as well as individual with diversity people.

3.  Agility & Adaptability

We able to adapt quickly in different environments, new challenges, and modernization.

4. Grit

Have high determination about something to reach/pursue.

5. Resilience

Be excitement, joy, fun, & pleasure.

6.  Empathy & Global Stewardship

Being a person isn’t selfish, be able to serve as much as you can do.

7.  Vision

Have a long term plan and then realized them one by one.

8.  Self-Regulation

Have principles that are not influenced easily by others and also obedient with regulation.

9.  Hope & Optimism

Keep intelligent fast failure. Hurry up and always think optimistically.

10. Curiosity & Imagination

Have a curiosity about something and imagination.

11. Initiative & Entrepreneurialism

Independent and have entrepreneurialism that does not depends others.

12.  Critical thinking & problem solving

Have critical thinking that isn’t easily accept anything/issues. If there are something wrong, we shouldn’t just complain but also give the best solution.

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