Software Product Development Lifecyle

Well, last week I got an opportunity to present about product development team in front of Bukalapak employees. Because sharing is caring. So, I am as representer from of my team decided to tell about what we do in and what it will influence with Bukalapak business goal.

I explained about Software Product Development Lifecycle. I think the topic is really familiar in IT field because it relate to software engineering. There are 7 steps in software product development lifecycle.

  1. Product Conceptualization

Every company must know about their aim and goal. Where they want to go and how to achieve it. Every company has own business model. Most of business fail because they don’t have business value in the long term and only has small market segmentation.

Before we make features, we should have mind set and start thinking with “WHY”. Why, we want to build x features? WHY is about finding the best reasons behind it. It would be better if at the end the output features impact your company goal.

So, how we get the best reasons behind it? There are several methods : listen to your customers/user, data statistics, research, analytics tools, discussion, reading books, mind mapping, etc.

  2. Product Analysis

After we have data then process it to get information. We specify about who is our user targeting and also what they are doing on your system/site.

  3. Product Design

There are two ways to deliver product design : product architecture, prototype/wireframe. Oh iya, I usually use balsamiq to put all requirement specification into mock up design.

4.  Product Development

Programmer/software engineer code the program.

  5. Product Testing & Quality Assurance (QA)

Testing your product in every requirement detail. If there are still some error, it means the products not ready yet to be released.

  6. Product Release

After product’s ready, and then we work together with marketing team to promote our features. We can use some channel (social media, home banner, newsletter, etc). Success of product depend on the products itself and marketing activities. The best/great product will fail, if there isn’t marketing activity. We want our product will be used by our customers. Mostly, company spend budget on it. But, we should also notice, sometimes the great marketing activity will fail if the product still has many errors. We don’t want to make our customer/user are disappointed after they use our products. It will make they don’t want to come back again.

  7. Product Lifecycle Management

Everyday, every week, every month, every year…there are many new ideas and innovations in product development. What if there are new features in the future that will impact to existing features. For example : What you will do to your user & system when you want to move big step a head from non transaction based to be transaction based on online site marketplace. Is it big thing, right?

  Summary :

Actually, I inspired from book’s Simon Sinek – Stary With Why. This book tell about leadership skills that every leader should has design thinking when they ask their employee to take actions. But I think, his perception can implement in other cases. For example when we want to build IT product. Start thinking with WHY we want to build it, HOW we build it, and the end WHAT is your product that will be accepted by your user/customer. At the end, all company want to make everyone happy : investor’s happy, employee’s happy, customer/user’s happy. Good luck!

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