Life Partner

e0b78abd5354b01d7c5d068ec0df7939A woman 2nd marriage, 40-things years old, have 2 children, COO Facebook and then she said that: When looking for a life partner, the best advice is to make good relationship to all of your friends first, took many experience in with that you’ve had before: the bad boys, the cool boys, the commitment boys, the crazy boys, the good boys, the nice boys. But don’t marry them! The things that make the bad boys sexy do not make them good husbands. Let they to be who they really are. When it comes time to settle down, find someone who wants equal partner. Someone who thinks women/men should be smart, opinionated, and ambitions. Someone who values fairness, respects, & expects, or even better, really wants to do his/her share in home where the heart is. This person is exist and trust it, over time, nothing is sexier.


So, let me be the one who will geek my partner out! :)) Best relationship talk like bestfriend, play like children, argue like husband and wife, protect each other like brother and sister (note to my self).


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