Since early 2014, I’ve decided to travel once time for every 2 months. So, it takes 6 times for a year and it still continue now. In 2014, I did travelling not only with my friends but also with my lovely family.
  • Januari 2014 – Trip Singapore with co-workers from Hijup Team (just ladies)
  • Maret 2014 – Bukalapak Outing Goes to Jogja
  • May 2014 – Mountain Trip (Papandayan – Garut Jawa Barat)
  • July 2014 – Mudik (around Magelang-Borobudur, Jogja, Banyumas)
  • October 2014 – Trip to Singapore & Johor (Malaysia) with my family
  • December 2014 – Trip to Malang & Bromo
I think, there are some reasons why travel is really-really good for me:
  • i’d like to go to where I have never been before. I could interact with people surrounding or see a beautiful things that my Lord created it. I learn about life and thankful.
  • I do love taking picture. My pleasure is when i can take a photo with a proper angle so the photo will look prettier.
  • I feel good. It reduce my stress although i feel tired during holiday.
  • Sometimes, I will get inspiration and think more creatively just to find the best solution/ideas about my job or my problems.
  • It will make better relationship among relatives (having quality time with friends or family).
  • I will have a story because i’ve ever been there
  • ….


Once a year, go to someplace, you've never been before (Dalai Lama).

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