Great Virtue


What does being honest mean? Being honest means to tell the truth even when you have opportunities to lie. Being honest means doing the honest thing even when no one sees. Being honest means being truthful to one self and others at all times, no matter what.

What does being kind mean? Being kind means doing something for other people, even the people don’t know well. Being kind means helping others without hoping for anything in return. Being kind means making the world a better place for others.

What does being loyal mean? Being loyal means being there for someone no matter how hard it is. Being loyal means being committed to the promises that you have made before. Being loyal means never to let someone down even in the darkest hour.

What does being persistent mean? Being persistent is keep on trying even when the last attempt didn’t succeed. Being persistent is striving to achieve your dream against all odds.

What does being patient mean? It means you are willing to wait for something good, and don’t expect instant results. It means that you realize that everything has its own time. It means that you understand that it takes time to achieve something extraordinary.

What does being smart mean? It means you always think ahead and be prepared. It means that you observe your surrounding to collect as much information as possible and use them accordingly. It means knowing what to do in any circumstances.

What being diligent mean? Being diligent means working harder and giving more than expected. Being diligent means doing what you have to do and more without being told. Being diligent means practicing self-control and giving time and energy to do more for other people.

What does being proactive mean? Being proactive means thinking ahead and doing something before it’s too late. Being proactive means controlling the situation instead of being controlled by it. Being proactive means thinking of ways to make better without being asked.

What does being open minded mean? It means that you are willing to try new things. It means that you understand that everyone is possible (even when they seem impossible). It means that you appreciate and willing to embrace differences.

What does being grateful mean? It means being thankful for your condition whatever they are. It means knowing that God will provide what you need and not what you want. It means realizing that there are many who are less fortunate that you are.

*note to my self*


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