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The Product Market Fit Pyramid

Product market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market. Product market fit is consistent with that build a product that creates significant customer value or product meets real customer needs (Olsen, 2015). Product market fit is another way of saying profitable over the essential aspects of the idea, which can stand on its own.

On hierarchical model decomposes product market into five key components. Product is the top section, consisting three layers. The market is the bottom section of the pyramid, consisting of two layers. Product-market fit is between the top and bottom sections of the pyramid. Olsen (2015) created framework, it is Product-Market Fit Pyramid.

The Lean Product Process will guide us through two critical thinking; problem space and solution space (Olsen, 2015). Solution space is kind of any product design that we create, such as: mock-ups, wireframe, or prototype. Solution space is representation of product that will be used by customers. Solution space focuses on “how” the product would accomplish customer need. Problem space is where all customer needs that we would like to deliver live. Problem space focuses on “what” describes the benefits that product should give the customer, what product will accomplish for the user. The how (solution space) is the way in which the product delivers the (problem space) to the customer (Olsen, 2015).

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 11.46.50 AM


Figure The Product Market Fit Pyramid

Source: The Lean Product Playbook (Dan Olsen, 2015)

As Dave McClure of 500 Startups said, “Customers don’t care about solution. They care about their problems.” Keeping problem space and solution space separate and iteratively test and improve hypotheses is the best way to achieve product-market fit. Critics of user-cantered design, we can see at slogan that “Apple doesn’t talk to customer”. At Apple’s 1997 Worldwide Developers Conference, Steve Jobs share enlightened perspective that is consistent with the Lean Product Process, he said:

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology. You can’t start with the technology and try to figure out where you’re going to try to sell it. As we have tried to come up with strategy and vision for Apple, it started with: “What incredible benefits can give to the customers? Not starting with: “Let’s sit down with engineers and figure out what awesome technology we have and then how we’re going to market that. And I think that’s the right path to take.


Conversion Online Visitors to Buyers

Design Thinking


Here are starting points to have a character as design thinker :

1. Empathy

We can imagine the world with multiple perspective. Those are colleagues, clients, end users, and also customers. By taking a people first approach, design thinkers can seek a solution that are desirable. Great design thinkers be able to observe the problem just for a few of minutes.

2. Integrative Thinking

Great design thinkers not only thinking of analytical processes, but also the ability to see all of significant.

3. Optimism

They assume no matter how challenging the constraints of a given problem, at least one potential solution is better than the existing alternatives.

4. Experimentalism

Design thinkers pose a hypotheses and explore constraints in creative ways that proceed in entirely new directions.

5. Collaboration

Many of design thinkers have significant experience in more than one disciplines. The people who work are can be from multiple disciplines, for example : engineers, marketers, anthropologist, industrial designers, architects, psychologist, etc.

Tim Brown is CEO and president of IDEO. He frequently speaks about the value of design thinking and innovation to business people and designers around the world. He participates in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and his talks Serious Play and Change by Design appear on The picture below is the first step and key approach to start thinking as design thinkers.

why Not only as example for companies, but also it can be similar as a person to start thinking with “WHY

Design thinking is an approach to problem solving that combines insights, ideas, and tools from the fields of engineering, design, business, the arts, and the social sciences. Design thinking is followed by 5 steps : Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype, & the last one is Test


These are kinds of free article/journal relate to Design Thinking, i wish it useful a lot :



Ok, I’m not working at Google, but let me share something good insight. For the 1st time Google was founded, they call them as a startup company in 1998. Now, Google is an example of innovation company whose Sergey Brin & Larry Page as Google Founder. Innovation is not just about science (piece of knowledge). Innovation is not about invention. Innovation is a great and useful idea that will be used in society (marketplace) & embrace uncertainty. Learning only occurs when we step away from the familiar & accept the uncertainty that new experience. Innovation means out of the box and moving into uncertainty. As we know, for example feature Google Search which is simple design but powerful, feasible, reliable, and useful. Have you ever imagine, how many people access information via browser by using Google Search feature per second?

Here are some notions of innovation from Google that we can learn :

  1. Innovation; not instant perfection.
  2. Share everything you can.
  3. You’re brilliant, we are hiring.
  4. A license to pursue dreams.
  5. Ideas comes from everywhere.
  6. Don’t politic – use data.
  7. Creativity loves restraint.
  8. Worry about usage and users, not money.
  9. Don’t kill projects – morphs them.

HijUp Festival

hijup festival Proudly Presents

HijUp Festival

3 days of Movement – Celebration – Inspiration

12 – 14 April 2013, fX Lifestyle X’nter Sudirman

Here comes the first HijUp Festival. Sebuah festival yang diselenggarakan oleh HijUp .com, e-commerce yang menyediakan produk Islamic fashion pertama di dunia. Jangan lewatkan kesempatan untuk menambah wawasan mengenai entrepreneurship, sekaligus mempercantik diri dan berbagi dengan sesama.

Bersama kampanye “Get Up with Your Hijab”, ingin selalu mengingatkan para muslimah agar tidak hanya cantik secara penampilan (looks) namun juga berkarakter baik (moral) dan berkepribadian prestatif (spirit).

Acara : 

12 April \ Spirit Day

Launching Buku HijUpreneur

#HijUpTalk Live “Indonesia: The World’s Islamic Fashion Center

#HijUpTalk Live “Entrepreneurial Spirit”

13 April \ Look Day

Hijab Tutorial by Dian Ayu

Make Up Class by Wardah

Fashion Tips by Laiqa

Grand Final HijUp Model Look

14 April \ Moral Day

Workshop Jurnalistik by Republika

Hijabers Berbagi  dan  “10.000 Hijab Untuk Sesama” with Hijabers Community Jakarta

#HijUpTalk Live “Share and Care

12 – 14 April Bazaar Tenant di f1 & f3 – fX Sudirman 

Pengisi acara

Irna Mutiara, Zaskia Adya Mecca, Inneka Koesherawati, Diajeng Lestari, Ria Miranda, Fifi Alvianto, Afia Fitriati, Bayi Nurhayati, Nadya Saib, Tasya Nur Medina, Temi Sumarlin, Ashfi Qamara, Vicky Astro, Dian Ayu, Chikita Fawzi, Sakdiyah Ma’aruf,  Yovita Salysa Aulia, DBE, Tiffany Kenanga, Hijabers Community Jakarta.

Datang dan jadilah bagian dari perayaan yang penuh inspirasi ini.

Join the quiz and get the prize!

Don’t Miss It, Dear..

Informasi tiket dan jadwal lengkap :

Follow @HijUp #HijUpFestival untuk update!

Hijup Model Look

Hijup Model Look


It’s fashion. It’s a spotlight. It’s a movement.

It’s not just another model hunt. It’s a movement.
A movement to spread “Get Up Muslimah” values through looks, moral, and spirit.
A movement to support the acceleration of Indonesia’s Muslim Fashion industry to become

The World Muslim Fashion Center.

Now open for registration 1 Dec 2012 – 1 Feb 2013.

If you are:
16 – 25 years old
Minimum 165 cm tall
Proportional body weight
Having good attitude

Then it is your time to join us now! Easy registration on

Get a chance to act with Zaskia Mecca in movie about hijab by Hanung Bramantyo which will be released in 2014. Priceless experiences and lots of irresistable prizes await.

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Have you ever hear about Polyvore?
Polyvore is the destination for style inspiration and was founded in 2007. Polyvore is a community powered social commerce website. Members curate products into a shared product index and use them to create image collages called “Sets”. Polyvore is the web’s largest community of tastemakers, where people can discover their style and set trends around the world. Trendseekers and shoppers alike come to Polyvore to discover the hottest brands, products, trends, and looks! In August 2012, Polyvore opened its first-ever New York office in SoHo. Polyvore has over 17 million unique monthly visitors and 72% of whom are female. The average household income is $73,286.

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